VIBRANON® Ausschreibung – Flächenlager zur Schwingungsisolation ESZ Becker 24. September 2022


RFP texts

For use as a surface bearing for vibration isolation

Supply and installation of VIBRANON® surface bearings made of unreinforced elastomeric material for vibration decoupling and/or structure-borne sound insulation. The vibration properties of the area bearings must not change on contact with water and/or frost and must be verified by means of a test certificate based on a water and frost resistance test in accordance with E DIN 45673-5 6.4.3. The bearings must be installed in accordance with the installation instructions of the bearing manufacturer. Additional expenses resulting from this, such as the execution of lateral closures or recesses as well as the waste cuttings are to be included in the unit price.

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