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Sliding bearings

ESZ Fosta bearings as well as Fosta HP (High Pressure) bearings allow safe sliding between concrete and/or steel components at high permissible bearing pressures.

RFP texts

Version incl. dummy formwork for in-situ concrete

Version incl. dummy formwork for in-situ concrete

 RFP texts

ESZ Fosta Plain Bearings and Fosta Plain Bearings HP allow safe sliding between structural members made of concrete and/or steel with simultaneously high permissible bearing pressures. The dimensionally stable sliding plate always remains parallel and the functions "pressure compensation" and "sliding" are separated from each other. The steel-reinforced elastomer pressure compensation pad consists of a CR rubber in a quality according to DIN EN 1337-3 and is laminated with a PTFE material according to DIN EN 1337-2. The sliding plate can optionally be made of a POM material or a stainless steel plate according to DIN EN 1337-2. 4 bearing thicknesses are available as standard.

Design in steel construction

When used in steel constructions, both parts, the elastomer pad and the sliding plate, should be connected to the adjacent components so that they cannot move.
This additional fixing is necessary because steel has less static friction than concrete. Fixing examples for use with steel contact surfaces are shown on page 3 of this information. If there is a structural risk of the bearings slipping out, they must be fixed in place.

Design in reinforced concrete structures

In the case of reinforced concrete contact surfaces, there is generally sufficient static friction between the pad and the concrete surface, which means that it is not necessary to secure the position. However, at low pressures (< 3 N/mm²), especially in conjunction with low temperatures (< -20°C), positional fixing between the sliding plate and the concrete component by means of a suitable construction adhesive is required.

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