Silicon sealing profiles Michaela Küppers 1. June 2022

Silicon sealing profiles

Sealing profiles

Silicon Rubber

Silicone rubber is a polymeric material from the group of elastomers with excellent properties.
In addition to its good physical properties, silicone rubber is also characterized by high thermal stability and good low-temperature flexibility.

Silicone rubber products are available as hoses and pressure hoses, from square and round profiles to profiles according to your drawings and as foam articles.

The following manufacturing options and properties can be used for silicone sealing profiles:

  • Can be produced in almost all colors similar to RAL dyed
  • Highly transparent and brilliant colors possible
  • Small wall thicknesses and filigree shapes can be produced

Temperature resistance

  • High thermal stability from -60°C to + 180°C (special quality up to 300°C)
  • Good low-temperature flexibility down to - 100°C possible (special types)
  • Consistent physical properties over a wide temperature range

Fire behaviour

  • Standard compounds comply with DIN 4102 B2 normal flammability
  • Self-extinguishing qualities can be supplied


  • Against ozone, oxygen and UV
  • Neutral to paints and plastics
  • Against weak acids and alkalis
  • Very high thermal and sound insulation capacity with foam

Contact compatibility

  • Compatible with Plexiglas and polycarbonate
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