Sealing profiles from ethylene propylene-diene rubber Michaela Küppers 1. June 2022

Sealing profiles from ethylene propylene-diene rubber

Sealing profiles


(ethylene-propylene-diene copolymer)

Elastomers are produced by mixing rubber, plasticiers, fillers and chemicals and subsequent vulcanization.
The recipe of the mixture and the processing procedure determine the subsequent properties of the elastomer. Vulcanization creates chemical and no longer detachable cross-linking structures between the individual polymer chains that give the elastomer its very special properties.

According to DIN 7724, EPDM is a polymer material that behaves entropy-elastically (rubber-elastic) in the service temperature range. Vulcanization creates chemical and thus irreversible, non-detachable cross-linking structures between the individual polymer chains. EPDM shows no flow above the service temperature range until decomposition.

Products made of EPDM are available as hoses, from square and round profiles to profiles according to your drawings and as foam articles.

The following manufacturing options and properties for sealing profiles made of EPDM:

  • Generally in the color black, cover layers in colors similar to RAL possible
  • Can be produced in Shore A hardnesses from 30° to 90
  • Coextruded profiles with up to three different material hardnesses or different colors possible
  • Profiles with extruded thread for safety against overstretching
  • Different treatments of the profiles can be applied for easier installation, e.g. sliding polymer coatings, sliding varnish coatings and conventional treatment with talcum powder
  • Application of assembly bonding and butyl bonding

Temperature behavior

  • Thermal stability from -40°C to + 120°C
  • Short-term up to 180°C


  • Against ozone, oxygen and UV
  • Ageing and weather resistant
  • Against acids and alkalis

Contact compatibility

  • Compatible with Plexiglas and polycarbonate
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