Schrumpfschlauch aus Fluorkunststoff ESZ Becker 15. April 2023

Fluoroplastic heat shrink tubing

  • Dual-wall Heat shrinkable tubing PTFE/FEP

  • PTFE heat shrinkable tubing standard sizes shrink ratios 4:1 or 2:1

  • Special designs according to customer specifications

We manufacture dual wall shrink tubing made of PTFE/FEP  ,PTFE shrink tubing with standard shrink ratios of 4:1 or 2:1 (AWG size table) and special shrink tubing according to customer specifications.

We keep a large part of our PTFE shrink tubing or dual shrink tubing made of PTFE/FEP in stock. Please ask for quality samples. We manufacture n production lenghts on spools, in standard lengths of 1220 mm (4ft) or cut to your specifications for specific applications.

We can also shrink wrap or coat your components in our factory or encapsulate them in a media-tight manner.

In addition to our dual wall shrink tubing, we can also process and seal larger components such as level sensors with a combination of tubing and plugs.

We look forward to your enquiries and will five you a quick response.

Your contact person:

Dennis Olschowka

Tel.: 02131-7581-19
Fax: 02131-7581-11

Any questions regardingaccording our heat shrink tubings or you would like to order a quality sample?

Simply contact us by email of phone.