ESZ Gummi-Liniengleitlager Ausschreibung – Stahlbetonfertigteile 2 ESZ Becker 23. September 2022

ESZ Rubber linear sliding bearings

RFP texts

For use between precast concrete construction parts GLS 60/10

Supply and installation of ESZ sliding bearing hose 60/10 between reinforced concrete precast elements. The mathematical proof for the usability of the bearing must be provided. The bearing must allow a horizontal displacement of ± 25 mm at right angles to the bearing axis and a horizontal displacement of ± 15 mm parallel to the bearing axis and must have a coefficient of friction < 0.1 over the temperature range from -25°C to + 50°C. The durability of the material must be demonstrated over a total displacement of > 100 meters. A test certificate for the coefficients of friction must be submitted to the site management prior to the start of construction.

Source of supply:
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