ESZ Pyramidenlager SK Ausschreibung – Ortbetontreppen/-podesten ESZ Becker 24. September 2022


RFP texts

For use with in-situ concrete stairs or landings

Supply and installation of sound insulation bearings for stair flights, precast reinforced concrete stairs and landings. The impact sound insulation must be at least 20dB and must be verified according to DIN 4109 in completed buildings. buildings. A test certificate must be submitted to the construction management prior to the start of construction. The surface pressure of 0.15 to 0.4 N/mm² from characteristic effects must be complied with. In accordance with Building Rules List A, Part 1, No. 7.2, the bearing must have a General Building Inspectorate Approval (ABZ) from the German Institute for Building Technology for use in accordance with DIN 4141-3, bearing class 1.

Material: ESZ pyramid bearing with ABZ No. Z-16.32-195

Source of supply:
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